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while the cat is away……

While the cat is away…. the mouse will craft!!

Tim has gone on one of his mountaineering expeditions that do not resemble a holiday in any shape or form! He is on the Isle of Skye in Scotland sleeping out on mountains in a bivvy bag having carried every drop of food and water , ropes and climbing gear for miles and miles……

He and 7 of our friends think that is fun, what can I say??

Sooooo…… while he went off to do that, I got to go to the craft fair in town. It wasn;t overly busy but I knew alot of the other people and so we had a lovely day in the sunshine, listening to live music and visiting in each others stalls (which were actually wooden sheds and very cosy!)

The Polly cushions are growing in number, but other then that I didn’t take any photos…. what was I thinking?!

This is my desk this morning, the weather looks a little dull, so i’m painting and drinking coffee in my p.j’s and thinking I might get dressed soon and walk the dog. A perfect start to the day!!

A Polly in progress! I’m not sure what she will look like in the end…. but since tomorrow is a bank holiday I have lots of time to think about it.

What are you up to for the weekend?

F x.

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