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Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

This last year seems to have passed in a very busy blur.

It was summer, Halloween and then Christmas in the space of about six weeks!

I always love twixtmas – that lovely time warp between Christmas day and being back to work in the new year.

No one knows what day it is, there are many pyjama days and wet and windy walks.

Lots of time spent eating and drinking with family and friends.

And having no idea what day the bins go out….. ( I missed mine πŸ™ )


What did I learn in 2023?

At the start of the summer I decided to give up my part time job and be a market seller.

I spent every Friday and Sunday from the start of June to the end of August at markets.

Then from the start of November till the weekend before Christmas, nothing but fairs.

This was me at the Art & Craft Fair in the Glucksman Gallery, Cork.

(Just in case we haven’t met!)

I loved it!

I met hundreds of people, had loads of chats and sent lots of Polly Dollies off to their new homes.

In all of those chats, two questions kept coming up.

The first was,

Is this all your own work?

Yes!! Its all me.

From creating the original to making the prints. From learning to use Canva so I can have branded packaging.

Ordering materials and keeping accounts (the worst job..)

Though sometimes my Mum and her friend Susan help with tying the ribbons onto the bookmarks.



The second question was:

Do you have a Polly Dolly with blonde hair and blue eyes?

“Of course” said I.

But do you know what? I actually don’t!

People buy my prints because they remind them of someone. They have a granddaughter with red hair or a friend who loves foxes.

So, of course people want a Polly with blonde hair and blue eyes, so guess what I’ve been doing this last week?

This is Eliza, she is a work in progress. she needs a backing and a sentiment, but at least she has a name!

My twixtmas has been wonderfully slow. I am rested and ready for whatever adventures 2024 brings.

I could tell you I plan to blog and send a newsletter out regularly, but that would just make us all laugh wouldn’t it?

If you would like the very (very) odd newsletter then you can sign up here

scroll down to the bottom of the page, I haven’t worked out how to move it to the top yet…….

Wishing you a very healthy, happy and peaceful 2024.

Come and join me on Instagram to see how Eliza turns out.

Have the loveliest day,

Felicia xx


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