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Felicia Thomas Artist & Children’s Author

Felicia Thomas Artist

Hello, my name is Felicia (that’s Fe-liss-ia),



Welcome to my wonderfully whimsical world where I create  ‘Polly Dollies’ and quirky houses.

As a child my school reports always said, “Felicia daydreams too much”. This is not something I grew out of, in fact, I am so grateful for it, I now put those daydreams into my art. Each of the Polly Dolly characters has a story, the houses are part of the land they live in. My aim is to encourage the viewer to create a story in their imagination.

I have a deep love of family and home. To me that those words conjure up, love, warmth, safety, happiness, being cosy and a sense of contentment.

I find the magic of the imagination we have as children so beautiful, as we grow up in today’s world it is easily lost. The people who resonate with my art find it calming. It nurtures the need for a simple, slower life, to allow our children to be children for as long as possible. Then, as they grow, it allows us to treasure the memories and always keep the magic alive. Many of my paintings include positive affirmations that give encouragement and support, sentiments that remain true no matter how old we are.

I like to think my art is for children of all ages, because if we are lucky, a little bit of the magic stays inside us.

Originally from England, I have made my home and raised my family in the beautiful county of Kerry.

Sold as originals, limited edition prints, cushions, greetings cards and stationery.

You can find it at Wild Design in Cork City, Fiachra Crowley Gallery in Kenmare, Kerry, Susan Herlihy Gallery, Midleton, Cork and online at www.feliciathomas.ie


Have a lovely day,

Felicia x