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Art Sale

Art SaleArt Sale.

Is there anybody out there?

Probably not, It has been more than a year since my last blog post.

I like to blog to give myself a visual diary, so I’m blogging today.

This morning I took a notion to sort out my art room. Oh my goodness, why did I start?

Everytime I do this (which admittedly is only about every two years) I end up getting rid of a ton of stuff.

Last time I had recently stopped teaching childrens art classes at home, so I gave loads of things to the local school.

This time I was sorting paintings…… I have so many.

So, I think an Instagram art sale is in order!

I’m still working out how to do it to make it easy for the customer.

The sale will include some prints, they are being sold in Ikea frames. They are only on sale because I don’t use those frames anymore.

Some small original pieces and then two or three large pieces.

There are Polly Dollies, florals and quirky watercolour bits.

If you are on my mailing list you will get notification 24 hours before it goes live, just in case you’d like to snaffle something!

If you’d like to join the mailing list have a look on the home page of my website.

I will photographing each piece over the next few days, drop meΒ  aline if there is something you’ve had ypur eye on.

That’s all my news for today,

F xx




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