In Felicia the Artist

Whats new with you?

Well, this is new – kinda!
Tim found this in one of his many storage places, a never used telephone from some time last century…. I have no Idea when it was made but I LOVE IT!!!!!
He has always found my taste a little strange but now there is no doubting it, this ancient dial phone has replaced the hand held one in our bedroom. It takes forever to dial a number and if you make a mistake your doomed, when it rings it would wake the dead, but I love the roundiness of it and the sound of the dial.

Guess what else?? well, this morning I thought, “I didn’t get a bill from Etsy at the end of May” and then I realised it was because I hadn’t added anything for a whole month…. so i thought it obviously isn’t for everyone and i’ll just let it go. Then this evening I got home to find that I had made my first ever Etsy sale!!!!!!!!


A women in England (thank you Ruth!) found my shop amongst thousands of others and parted with her hard earned cash for some of my art……. I am pretty amazed and thrilled!

I know this blog has been neglected of late, life just gets like that doesn’t it? I will try and find time to post more often, and maybe even post a craft project (!) Blogger seems to have stopped letting people comment, I dont’ know why but just so you know, I check in every day and read all of your blog updates that appear on the dashboard.

So, thats it for today, there is a craft fair in Killarney this weekend, if you’re around come and say hello!

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