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Dreaming BIG!

Last year I did an online course called Mondo Beyondo, a course that asked you to write a list of your wildest dreams, I mean like, really way out there stuff. It was a brilliant course for me, i’ve always been a huge daydreamer and had great fun with this. It was like, I MUST find time to daydream today!!!
(As many a school report said….” spends too much time day dreaming” … )

The thinking behind it was that, how will the universe know what you want unless you put it out there?
There were big and little things on my list and reading back over it now its amazing how many things from it have happened or there have been steps towards them.

So, when I was asked to make a vision board for where I want my art business to go ( I know, I laughed at the thought of it being called a business too, but its ticking along – ) I made this…

It was an old canvas with a half finished, gone wrong painting on it – I painted over it, and put lots of hopes, dreams, and direction on it. I liked the idea of making something pretty out of the canvas that really wasn’t!

There are handbags at the bottom, those are because every second woman in Ireland seems to be wearing an Orla Kiely or Fossil handbag…… (I’m a Fossil girl myself…) I love the oilcloth type texture of them and don’t see one good reason that they shouldn’t have Polly Dollies on them!

So there you have it,

Have a lovely Monday,
F xx

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