In Felicia the Artist

New Year, New Dreams.

Well, the dictionary/thesaurus had to come out to find THE word for 2013, and I have yet to find one that means everything I want it to……..  maybe I need to simplify things and stop trying to add so many traits to myself!
So, I finally decided on LEARN – plain and simple, learn to do new things, learn more about the things I already know.

 We are having a spell of mild weather which means lots of walks, these pictures were taken at Muckross & Dinis in Killarney. Its a 10km round circuit and when we saw these floods we started to wonder if we’d get round….

                               Isn’t it pretty though? thats the only good thing about all the rain we get!

 So, 8km into the circuit we came across this flood and our choices were turn back or wade through… I cannot tell how cold the water was, my feet went blue!!

I have lots of plans and goals for this year, one of which is to be as organised as possible. If i’m stressing about something I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, so hopefully being more organised (like having a month of class plans done) will help.
I have a huge list of “in my wildest dreams” wishes, like going to America this year to do art classes with 2 of my favourite artists (one of them doesn’t give classes, thats how random this list is!) but my absolute top wish is this……
Thats it, plain and simple, To be healthy in every way and be happy with our lives.

I wish that for anyone reading this too!!

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