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The Saga of the Fridge…… its long and boring!

First of all blogger is not letting me upload photos…. Why I wonder? and so this is going to be not as pretty as I hoped (but it would only think it pretty if you enjoy pictures of fridges….)

So, the story so far is this:

On December 26th my lovley big side by side, pewter coloured fridge /freezer died a death.
I opened the freezer and everything was defrosted and the temperature gauge on the front told us that it had given up being a refridgerating device in favour of a rather warm storage cupboard.

Sadly just about everything had to go, think of all those lovely Christmas left overs….. but it could have been worse, it could have happened on Christmas Eve before we had eaten any of it!

In my experience, if something big and expensive is going to break it happens leading up to a weekend or bank holiday when there is no chance of getting it fixed quickly. So calls were made first thing on the 27th to the Samsung “helpline” I finally got to speak to a nice lady who told me she would send a repair man.

On the 31st (we are now 6 days into no fridge, fortunately the weather is cold and the shed is serving fairly well) the repair man came and in less then 3 minutes decided it was beyond help and he would send a report to Samsung. However since it was New Years Eve nothing would be done until January 2nd.

All this time i’m thinking to myself, its only 4 years old, I took out a warranty but was does it cover?

(Am I boring you? i’m sorry but the fridge has been the all consuming conversation since Christmas!)

Then from January 3rd untill 8th I rang Samsung 4 times a day on the “helpline” the first line of the message says “we aim to answer your call within 30 seconds” over the 5 days I was on hold for a total of 3 hours and 17 minutes! Cross is it??!! This was followed by me sending a very stroppy email to them.

Eventually (yesterday)I rang the company that came to fix it and they told me to go back to where I bought it (Samsung had told me they dealt directly with all problems so not to go back to the shop) I rang Harvey Norman, they looked up there records told me my extended warranty was with them not Samsung, got me to send the engineers report and today they rang to say I can go and pick out a new fridge to the value of the old one.

The moral of the story is this…… If I was more organised and knew where the receipt for the fridge was (do you know where your 2008 receipts are?) all of this was written on the back, I would’ve known to go straight back to the shop and we wouldn’t be still fridgeless people after two weeks!

By the way, at 8.45 last night a very timid little girl rang from Samsung, (she obviously got the short straw when it came to ringing the cross women in Kerry!) to apologise and assure me they would be on top of it straight away. I think she was quite glad to know it was being sorted and she was off the hook!

I will post a picture of the new shiny fridge if I can work out whats up with blogger.  Appreciate your fridge freezers people, life is hard without them!

I am now going to organise all the “important” bits of paper in the house so this doesn’t happen again!

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