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So, whats new with you???

Even though the rest of Europe seems to be under snow, we are enjoying very Spring like weather here in Co. Kerry. Now, I do feel sorry for all those people freezing their toes off but we had two miserable cold Winters before this, so our dues are paid!
Mr. Toby and I have been out walking and enjoying the fine (cold but sunny) weather, this is O’Sullivans Cascade, its a beautiful place at any time but especially on quiet Tuesday mornings when no one else is around.
I haven’t been crafting much, so i’ve nothing new to show you, I’ve been painting though and spending far to much time browsing blogs and then there is Pinterest………!
But, I did come across the prettiest website ever! its the home of Temporary Measure run by Emma. The picture below is taken from her interview with Beth Nicholls on Do What you Love 
As it happens i’m going to the Lake District in May so this is definately on my list of places to visit!

Go on, have a look it is so cute!
F xx

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