In Felicia the Artist

Petit Polly!

Morning! if you are in Ireland then what a beautiful morning it is! I hope its sunny and spring like wherever you are.
So, this little Petit Polly (5″x7″) was just finished last night. I love her, sometimes I make these Pollys and think, “she’s cute” and sometimes I just LOVE them! anyway, heres the thing, it took me ages to learn how to shade a face with pencil…… (and there is ALOT more learning to do!) but I have been trying to paint faces instead and so far it has been a disaster!!!
I have ruined more little faces then I care to mention, so I’m back to pencil and finishing with wax. Tam over at Willowing has some lovely tutorials on this, but she makes it look easy!

I suppose i’ll keep practising, any hints, tips, video links would be greatly appreciated, but maybe i’m just a pencil kind of a girl?!
Enjoy your day,
love ya! xx

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