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The ‘After’ photos………

Oh dear……… once upon a time, a long time ago
(like two years) I started to show you my Mums new house.

I explained all about the reasons she had moved and the jobs that needed doing – you can catch up on that story here, I don’t expect anyone to remember that far back!

Here is the sitting room photo from the estate agents blurb when she bought it….

and here is the finished result:

*Disclaimer – these photos were taken just after the Christmas decorations were taken down and it is not ‘staged’ as it should be!



The kitchen has also been totally revamped, I will add a ‘before’ photo if I can find one but just think large floral wallpaper and dark cream/ caramel coloured walls.
Now she has white cupboards that were repositioned to make better use of the space, white furniture from Ikea, a re purposed mirror that was found on the inside of a wardrobe door and lots and lots of prettiness!


This is the dining end of the room, as the room is small the mirror was hung horizontally (between the wall unit and the sideboard) to reflect the rest of the kitchen.

The round table is perfect for the space and extends to an oval when company comes over.

Some of the prettiness that lives on the sideboard.

The ‘business’ end of the kitchen, there are some extremely good apple pies baked in that oven!

The wooden counter tops and the subway tiles add to the light finish.

So, that is it so far. There are more jobs planned, but for now it is a pretty and cosy home in the making.


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