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Happy New Year!!

Well, its 2016 already, Christmas this year seemed to fly by which was odd when you consider that the build up seemed to start forever ago. We had a lovely time at home, we ate lots and often with family and friends, wine was poured, fun was had and many photos were taken.

I usually love the week between Christmas and New Year, I brim with ideas for projects and organising my home, but not this year. I think its the weather, Ireland (in case you don’t know) is sinking under the rain that has fallen continually for weeks now. We are fortunate to live on a hill so we haven’t had any flooding but my heart goes out to those people whose homes and businesses have been destroyed.

So, at the start of the new year I buy a new diary and a new notebook: the diary is essential, I am a list maker. I make lists of things I must do, phone calls I must make, shopping lists, menu plans, things the kids must do (which is ridiculous because the youngest is 19, but once a Mum….) every morning while i’m having my breakfast I look through it to see what must be done. I never use the phone for saving appointments, i’m strictly a paper and pen kinda girl (plus stationery shopping is one of my favourite things!)

This is a cheap as chips diary from Dealz that I prettied up!

The notebook is for my wish list. Each year for the last five years I have made this list, its for writing your biggest dreams, things that you want to happen, things that seem impossible but write them down anyway and send them out into the universe and see what happens! It is suprising when you read them back what has come into being, not necessarily in the way you thought it would but in an ‘Everything happens for a reason , when one door closes another opens ‘kind of way.

I realise that sounds totally airy fairy, but try and it and see.

Anyhoo, I haven’t written this years one yet, but it will get done soon.

What have I done?…….

Well, Molly’s goddaughter turned one on the 28th December and I have made her a rabbit. It is about half and half hand sewing and machine sewing and once I got the ears on the right way round (which took several attempts) it was finished quite quickly. The stitching isn’t great, but she is one and won’t care πŸ™‚

My December Daily is finished! I only did up until the 26th but its finished. I had all the photos taken but only printed them out every few days so it was the 31st of December before I finally got it done. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Tomorrow is back to work for most people and a bit of normality will return, i’m going to start my lists now for the coming week, have one last glass of wine and ignore the chocolates that are still hanging around.

I wish anyone who reads this a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!!

Felicia xxx

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