In Felicia the Artist

Silver linings.

This post is a bit out of the ordinary, but hay-ho.

I am a very optimistic, glass half full, things happen for a reason kind of person. It is truly rare for me to have a bad day. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sweetness and light all the time but I do enjoy my life.

So, last Friday was truly crap, and looking back on it, it was just three things that went wrong. They could all be fixed easy enough (though not immediately)  but whatever frame of mind I was in, I went from murderous to blubbering wreck in about ten seconds.

But then last Sunday was a great day. All my kids were home, the weather was wet and windy so we lit the fire and threw ourselves down to watch TV, it was just cosy, no one was fighting and it was a very simple thing that made me very happy.

Why am I rambling on with this? because despite having a Pinterest board full of positive life quotes, and knowing that giving in to worry will only make it worse, there times when I feel completely rubbish and if by chance you are having a rubbish day too, then here is a hug for you and remember that it will pass.


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