In Felicia the Artist

Rainy sunday afternoons….

This weekend has been wet and windy.. perfect for getting jobs done around the house. First thing on Saturday was to put down a new floor in Zacs room –

with Tobys help of course!

and then we put all his furniture back and he has been watching dvd’s in there since! the walls are a blue/grey colour that doesnt’ show up well in these pictures.

Today I was left at home for the whole afternoon by myself. I took out my sewing machine to make a bag but it didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped (that might be because I decided not to use the pattern…..) so I made a cushion instead.

Printable canvas is great! I’ll have to search for a bag pattern, I think i’d like a “Polly Bag” for the summer!

Hope you weren’t blown away this weekend,

love F x

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