In Felicia the Artist

Today I went to ….

I had met Midi at the Finnabair class in Cork and she had invited me over to Dungarvan to teach a mini book class .After much organising and changing of dates I finally got there.
We met in Whitechurch National School which is a great venue, really bright and airy and once everyone had settled in we made this:

 We used Prima En Francais papers and the album has 4 envelope style pages inside that hold tags.
The little fabric flower was hand made which took some people out of their comfort zone,  everyone was delighted with the outcome though, some looked like daisies and some like carnations but they were all beautiful!

 Look how much space we had – lots of room to spread out!

 This is Michelle…. for the last 3 or 4 years we’ve been speaking to each other on the phone, i’ve met her Mum lots of times but yesterday was the first time we met in person……. and she is just as nice as I expected!!

I’m not sure if these smiles are because they are delighted with what they made or because they didn’t have to thread any more needles and seed beads!!!!
Thank you Ladies for making me welcome I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did (who couldn’t enjoy a class with that much cake?!)
I promised Lynn and Patricia that I would put up a tutorial for the roses – which I will later in the week, and i’ll come up with something creative for the next class!!

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