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Is this thing on????

Is this thing on?


Hello & welcome to my new blog.

I have been blogging away for the last six years. I have written about crafting, house renovation, my love of outdoors and life in general.  I can say with certainty that there are only a about a dozen people in the whole world who read it.

I loved my little Blogger blog, it was so pretty! but the time had come to make a change.

Not being a technical sort,  I asked the lovely people in the blog world about upgrading and they all said the same thing, “WordPress”.

So, I set about reading everything I could, I read links on Twitter (thank you Corinne @skinnedcartree) I got advice from Facebook groups (Fabulous Business Women, you are just that!) and launched myself into a serious learning curve.

“It’s so much easier than Blogger” I was told….. that may be true for a regular person, but I am so right brained it’s a wonder I can function at all! That is not self criticism, just something you should know about me, you know, in case you want to visit again.

So, here I am. I suppose I should tell you a bit about me. I am 47, my job is teaching craft classes around the country (best job ever!) and I make my art into gifts that I sell at craft fairs, some galleries and on my Etsy shop. I have three kids (who pretend to be grown ups), one partner (Tim) and two dogs, Toby & Boo.

There will be a mix of posts, but I hope that you will enjoy visiting.

See you soon,

Felicia xx

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