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Due to the absence of Summer…..

Due to the absence of Summer it seems the only thing to do is go to the beach anyway…….
So today, Zac, his friend Finan, the dogs and I headed for Inch Beach.
As you can see it was very cloudy, but it wasn’t cold – the boys even braved the water for about 5 minutes.

The beauty of going to the beach in this weather is that there are no crowds – just a few other mad souls!

It wasn’t really windy – my hair always looks like this!!

I was all set for a little reading and coffee time when the clouds opened and everything was scooped up and thrown into the car … including the sand! ( that book, the Night Circus by Erin Morganstern is making for excellent reading by the way.)

So this was our view through the wind screen whilst we ate our picnic……the boys did ask me to turn on the heat, but I said, “No! its summer” – i’m toughening them up incase summer never returns!!
 but then the rain cleared, the sun came out (no, only joking but the rain did stop) & we went for a long windswept walk along the beach and do you know what?

                                                     It was a lovely day!

not the sort of beach day you think of if you live outside of Ireland, but the company made up for the sun, spending days with teenagers is a treat.
And think of all the money we’re saving on suncreen!!

These two enjoyed it most of all!

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