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Not such good news….

Well, if you are a facebook friend then you will probably know that in a moment of utter stupidity I managed to seriously injure myself last Saturday…..
The bad news is I am now missing two fingers on my right hand (yes, i’m right handed!) and I have badly broken the two that are left……. sorry, I hope I haven’t made you feel queesy!

The good news is, I still have my index finger and thumb, so when its healed I can still hold things (like paint brushes!) and my lovely Fella was researching bionic prosthethic fingers before we even left the hospital!

So, the next 6 weeks will be spent in a cast, trying to learn to use my left hand more. Then we will see what happens. For someone who lives an arty life this isn’t the best news, but Iam very calm and positive about it – so far anyway!

I will be at home, so pop by if you’re local, or send an email if not……. I will be very glad of the company!
Felicia x

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