In Felicia the Artist

Maggie Mae…….

Hello, this is Maggie Mae Polly, she is named that after the amazingly cool and groovy Maggie in Iowa. Maggie In Iowa looks nothing like this painting by the way, and i’m pretty sure she doesn’t wear pink. Anyhoo, it was her birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday Maggie!!!!!!

She is on canvas and I used acrylic, pastels, paper and buttons.

She will be going onto my Etsy shop
as a print tomorrow. I’ve just got all of the Pollys made into fridge magnets and greetings cards to! they will be up on Etsy soon.
This painting says ” Breath and Believe” because really thats all you have to do isn’t it? keep breathing and believe in yourself!

Hope you have a lov-er-ly day,
Felicia x

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