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The Easy-peasy mini book!

Ok, the list for this mini was already published but i’ll tell you all again (just in case you missed it)

A4 Card – this comes in a range of colours in packs of 50 sheets for around €3.99- (this means you make a lot of bases for albums cheaply!)
Cutting mat
Craft knife /Paper trimmer
Ruler / pencil
Double sided tape
Wet glue
Scoring tool /bone folder
Distress inks / applicator
2 x chipboard covers 14x18cm (cereal box will do but needs to be doubled for strength)
3 x binding rings or a strip of  Bindit-all rings.
4 x Hinge clips (Tim Holtz or similar size)

Your choice of 12×12″ papers, embellishments, ribbons and fibres to match paper.
This album is for Portrait style photos, it will hold 20 4″x6″

I used black card and K& Co Lifes Journey papers – the dimensions are shown on cream card just so its easier to see.

Step 1
You need to make 2 of page style A and 2 of page style B:

To make page style A:

Cut a piece of card to 26 x 20cm
Score at 13cm vertically and at 1cm top and bottom (see pink lines in the photo)
Trim off the 1cm score line on left side only.
Fold in the score lines, add adhesive top and bottom and fold to make a pocket.

Now the only difference between your 2 style A pockets is this:-
cut a piece of card 13x18cm and score 1cm on the left long side. Attach the scored piece to the inside of your pocket and fold it back on itself.
I punched to edge of mine and obviously this is after I added papers but you get the idea…

Page style B

You need to cut a piece of card to 15x19cm and score 1cm on the left, right and bottom edge.
Trim the corners so that it folds neatly.

Fold your score lines, add adhesive and cover with a piece of card that measures 13x18cm – this forms a top loading pocket.

Step 2

Paint a 2cm border around your chipboard covers (both sides)In a colour that compliments your design papers,  then bind your album using rings & eyelets, ribbon or a binding system such as Bind-it-All.

Step 3

Make 4 tags for your pockets – cut them to measure 12.5x18cm.

Step 4

Mat all of your pages and tags with your chosen paper. Add ribbons and fibres to your hinge clips and attach these to your tags.

 The inside of this book has been kept really plain to allow for large photos but you can get as fancy as you please with the cover!
I hope this was easy to follow, have fun making it!

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