In Felicia the Artist

Busy Tuesday….

Hey there,

Its been busy, busy round here this week. I’m going on holiday tomorrow and had alot of things to organise before I go…… but now I’m down to the very last thing!
Its been mostly paper work and form filling, which is about my least favourite thing – it would probably help if I were more organised and didn’t forget where I put important bits of paper!

I’ve also been crafting like a mad thing because there are deadlines to meet and they too had to be done before I go……. and I can’t show you any of those yet (how dull !) But, amongst all the other stuff this just appeared in my sketchbook and insisted on being painted –  I’m having a bit of a thing with garden fences at the moment so there will be lots of these appearing!

Oh, there is big news coming next week – but I can’t tell you about that yet either, its exciting though….
I can tell you that i’m teaching a class at the Great Big Craft Extravaganza this year, there is a great timetable and I’m wondering what else I can fit it while i’m there.. you can check it out here
Ok, i’m off to pack (which i’m rubbish at!)

Byeeee! x

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