In Felicia the Artist

While I was away….

Did you notice I was missing? well i was! I was thrown down with a vicious dose of tonsillitus and sinusitus. For 9 days I was really sick, and today I’m not, so I’m having a little party here!!

There is always a silver lining though, this morning I got to read over a weeks worth of blog posts, which was lovely, loads of links to follow!

It is snowing…… it isn’t sticking to the ground, but there is white stuff falling from the sky! last week it was positively warm. But this is good news, why? because there is a man in Donegal who predicts the weather and he said that in March we would have more snow and then a BRILLIANT SUMMER! everyone thought he was mad, but here is the snow in March, so I really hope he’s right!!

I’m off to do a million things, even though I’ve been at home this week I haven’t done one creative thing, so now I have lots to catch up on.

Have a lovely day, and if any of you are sick then get well soon! xxxxx

p.s. I apologise for my spelling of medical terms, spell check says they are wrong but doesn’t offer an alternative………….

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