In Felicia the Artist


Hello, how are you all?
Last Saturday I was struck by a sudden dose of festive cheer! Having spent the afternoon at the christmas market ( its always the food stalls that get me!) followed by a hot port I was in tree buying mood…….
However, Mr. Bah Humbug pointed out that next weekend would be better for many reasons, and he was right of course, but thats not the point!
So, my festiveness was spent singing Christmas carols (badly) and making cookies (well!)

Every year I have this idealised fantasy in my head where my family gather together after watching Home Alone or something equally festive, we play christmas tunes and happily decorate the tree, feeling nothing but love for each other and enjoying the coziness of home.

What actually happens is, my girls have amazing social lives and can only help with the tree if it fits in between straightening hair and the taxi arriving. Zac who will have done his duty helping his Grandparents with their tree is sick of the whole thing.
So, it will be me, a bottle of wine, a mince pie or two and Mr. Bah Humbug who will have to endure my singing once again!

And do you know what? I’ll enjoy every bit of it!!!!

p.s. Mr. bah Humbug actually turns into an xmas fairy, bursting with festiveness, but not untill the 18th of December!

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