In Felicia the Artist

This week……

Hello lovely ladies,
how was your week? mine was interesting, it flew by though and now since it is howling a gail and puring rain, i’m at home “pottering” .

My cousin Paulette posted on Facebook yesterday, “Dear God, please make my bank balance fat and my body thin, I only ask as it seems to be the wrong way round!”

And Ebony posted that she wanted to go to Notting Hill (or Primrose Hill, any London hill will do apparently) and open a cake shop that does late night sessions, craft classes and makes hangover killing bacon sandwiches…………..

Dreams are funny things, mine usually involve living in a house that we have built that will have craft room ( a whole room!) and magically this house will always be tidy…! and I will finish everything I start….. but I’m much better at that than I used to be!

So, ladies, what did you dream of this week?

p.s. Get better soon Maggie x x x x x x x x x x

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