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July Craft Classes.


I was just looking at the calendar and realized that June has all but gone…… I know they say “the older you are, the quicker time flies” but I am not that old, where has the year gone??!!

We are going on holidays in the middle of July so there is a lot to get in before then, just as well I like to be busy πŸ™‚

This coming Saturday 28th, I am going to Caroline’s house in Bunmahon, co. Waterford and we are making altered configuration books. They will be slightly different to the one I made because I got tempted by new papers!

                         I used scraps of all sorts for mine, but in the class we will use Prima’s “Something Blue”
                                                               (This class is fully booked.)

Then, its road trip time! off to Mayo I go – Kate and I are hosting the banner class (the last one for this project, it was supposed to be May, but finally I’m getting to go!) it is being held in Castlebar on Wednesday 2nd July, 7 pm. You can contact Kate for more details if you’re interested.

(How you photograph a banner and manage to get it all in the shot and show the detail is a mystery to me)

Saturday 5th July is a kids art class at home, there wasn’t a spare Saturday in the whole of June to do one so we missed out but we will be back to normal in September. I have kids camp classes in August, three days which you dip in and out of, or come to them all – more details on those soon.

                   There are still 4 places for this if you want to send your Smallies along.

Then the last one before I pack my bag is Tuesday 8th July,  7.30 pm at my house. I can’t tell you what we’re making because its a surprise (all the regular Ladies who come think that means I don’t have a plan, but I do!!) ‘Tis very pretty and not something i’d usually do…. and that’s all i’m saying!

                                      That’s it for classes, but I just wanted to show you this:

 These are our friends Kerry and Francois.They came over for the evening supposedly to help us with our French before we go away, but it lead to wine and chat (in English) and eventually Kerry and I got sidetracked by a craft project.  Anyhoo, she was using the cropodile and he was saying”what is theese” in his French accent.

Then he took it off her and set all the eyelets himself…… perhaps we have a new crafter!!

I hope you are all enjoying the fine weather and still finding a bit of crafting time – See you in July!
F xx

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