In Felicia the Artist

Knitting Fever!

Hi, isn’t knitting supposed to be a Winter hobby? you know, sitting by the fire knitting jumpers and being all cosy?
Well me being me, the hottest day of the year so far (not much competition !) a whole 19 degrees, i decide to knit something….
Well, actually last Friday i decided to knit a shawl, the Crafty Knit ‘n’Stitchers were having their usual meeting and Georgia had this amazing shawl that she was making from oddments & she claimed the pattern was simple. And it is!! i couldn’t decide which colour to use, we have a glorious selection of 100% Alpaca wool at the Crafty Alley Shop so in the end i chose 5 colours to make it striped!
Now, anyone who knows me, and remembers the brown waistcoat (STILL on the needles since November!) will not believe me when i say… (i’m putting it in writing so i can’t wriggle out of it!) I have a night away on the 22nd of this month and would like to wear it then.
I can actually hear Cathy laughing from here……..!
Here are a couple of piccys, its about 30″ across the top at the moment, so there is alot of work to be done, i think the stripes make it easier to knit because i’m not getting bored of one colour.
I sat out in the garden in the sun today, click, click, clicking away, maybe thats why i’m knitting – if i were paper crafting there would be too much ‘stuff’ to take outside!

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