In Felicia the Artist

Surely not!!!

Its October, the Halloween decorations aren’t even up yet (they are down from the attic though, so maybe today?) and I find myself making a christmas album!
But I’m making it for a good cause, so its ok.
My junior school friend Heidi, whom I haven’t seen for very close to 30 years (eek!) has a daughter who goes to the same village school that we went to. Through the wonders of Facebook, she has asked past pupils to donate something to the christmas fair raffle….. So thats what i’m doing!
I’m making it fairly simple with lots of photo space using the K&CO Yuletide collection from the Crafty Alley . I swore I wasn’t buying anymore paper….. but you know how these things happen… ( Isn’t that right Ann??!)
When its finished I’ll put up some more photos.
Have a lovely day,
F x

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