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Week One of Meal Planning…..

Well, its Monday and I have BEEN SHOPPING!!!! I planned out four meals, (weekends don’t count because I don’t cook then and one day in the week we eat leftovers, so four meals is enough) because we have both meat and non-meat eaters it is never simple! I took my list to the supermarket (two of them actually) and this is what I brought back……..

Those yellow things on the right are tulips, they weren’t  on the list but they were pretty!

So, today we are having Shepherds Pie, I have to make two, one veggie, one with real shepherds (!)
Tomorrow is curry and rice, then Lasagna (again two) and then Bangers and Mash (Quorn sausages for me, they insist on Yorkshire puddings, peas and gravy with it which is actually yummy!)

I’m mad impressed that i’ve gotten this far! There are the makings of a cake in that lot too, if I make it now I can test it with a cup of tea, just to make sure I won’t poison them you see……

Here are the tulips so you can see how pretty they are.

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