In Felicia the Artist

Passionately Pink!!

Laura Denison is running a campaign to raise money for breast cancer research. She asked people to donate a pink themed mini album, she will then hold a silent auction on her blog www.followingthepapertrail.blogspot.com starting on Halloween.

The photos of the album had to be with her by the 29th – today. Not a problem said I, I’ll have it finished by the 25th said I…… I wasn’t counting on a very cross child, having a row whilst holding a large glass of ribena..and so, i have been up since 6.30 to finish the NEW album and have just sent off the photos to Laura now.
Its amazing what you can achieve when there is a good cause involved!
Have a good day xxxx
p.s. the child involved was genuinely sorry, and was restored to her lovely self !x

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