In Felicia the Artist

Ho Hum….

Girlies, i’m off on my hols for a week tomorrow and not taking a laptop so the blog will be quiet till Tuesday week.
I am officially the least organised person ever! i’ve spent the last hour looking for the flight details, which i found in a crumpled mess at the bottom of my handbag. At least this means we can go! in my suitcase i have….. a sketchbook , my pencils and a camera. I’m not a really a big fashion fan, but even i think clothing of some sort would be an advantage!
Its 24 degrees there, its so long since we had warm weather that i can;’t even remember what i used to wear.
Ok, i really have to pack something.
Hope you are all well, and i’ll post photos when i get back
Muchos hugs xxxxxxxxx

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