In Felicia the Artist

Can’t wait!

Its Monday, i´m in Lanzarote, and i’m going home today!!
It doesn´t matter how much i enjoy my holidays, the day i´m going home nothing will do only to be there!!
The weather hasn´t been great for the last two days but before that we had gorgeous blue skies and HEAT…. they tell me its really cold again at home. We have climbed some amazing volcanos (fell on the first one, so i´ve had horrible cuts and grazes on my legs, very glam!!) drank one too many cocktails (that was definately the low point, i have no tolerence for alcohol, like two is one too many!) and had a really lovely time.
If any of you are ever here you have to see the caves, they are so pretty. There is an underground arena for concerts, the acoustics are apparently perfect there and because its on the way into a volcano its really warm.
Ok, i´m running out of time, tomorrow i will return all the emails and comments that i owe.
Byee!! xxxxxx

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