In Felicia the Artist

Was it only a week???

Hi, i’m back, had a great time and no i didn’t get a tan – that would take alot longer then a week!
I went back to work today and had the loveliest suprise this afternoon…. I opened a delivery to find the cutest papers i’ve ever seen!
Actually, thats not true because its alot more then papers, the embellishments are so so fab that i have to have them all!!!! If you want to take a peek before i buy the lot (ah, the perks of the job!) then check out www.craftyalley.com and look at “Homespun Chic” by Melody Ross.
What else????
I have finished my tags for Louise’s swap (www.myhuckleberryfinn.blogspot.com) and when i find my camera will post a piccy. I’ve almost finished Kristens album for the TWS swap and have just started Suzies album for our swap.
Suzie, if you’re reading this i’m only a bit late starting it because i keep changing my mind about the papers!
I will try and get some of my Suzi Blu art done, i’m WAY behind…
Thats all todays news,
take care x x x x x

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