In Felicia the Artist

Happy birthday Ebony!!

When Ebony was 4 she wanted a fairy castle cake for her birthday – which I made from sponge, I cooked the turrets in bean cans so that they would be round……..( I obviously had alot of time on my hands!)  and then she asked for a pink castle cake again for her 21st.
While I was out getting candles and bunting I came across a plastic castle and a “my little pony” unicorn and decided to make life easy for myself!

This was the card I made for her, more pink!

and another shot of the famous cake!

 Kirstyn and her mum Paulette travelled from Meath for the party, they are our only family in Ireland – Paulettes mum and my mum were first cousins, I have no idea what that makes them to us, but they’re family!

and whats a party without a fake moustache???!

thanks for coming guys, it was a great party, no food left over but just enough cake for breakfast this morning!!

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