In Felicia the Artist

Time for a change…….

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hi folks, I have been having awful trouble with blogland for a while now….. I can’t open any other blogspots than my own, which means I can’t read posts on this computer or leave comments. (this is some glich/bug in my computer, but its been stripped back to basics and its still not so-operating….) Plus, Blogspot will only let me keep track of blogspot blogs (obviously!) but what about all the WordPress blogs I want to follow?
and since Google Reader is about to disappear (so i’m told by people who are much more computer savvy than myself) i’ve decided to take the leap over to Bloglovin.

You see that button on the side bar? well if you felt like it, you could click it and folow this blog (though I suspect that no one reads this and its just me waffling on to myself!) and many, many other lovely blogs.

This is all a big experiment, so I shall keep playing and see how I get on.

Have a lovely Monday,
F xx

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