In Felicia the Artist

Are you ready???

Hello, sorry i’ve been missing for a while – i’m just back from a 3 day course, very interesting and very exhausting.
Anyhoo, as I was sitting on the train it occured to me that tomorrow is the last day of september! how? when?!
I had thought that I’d bring the laptop and keep up to date with emails and blogs but alas, no internet connection in the hotel room…..
Guess what that means (other then the hotel was a tad last century- ish?) It means that the next swap will be HALLOWEEN THEMED!!!!!!!!
So, if you’re ready to make something “FRIGHTFUL AND DELIGHTFUL” then leave a comment!
I’ll put the list up next monday (4th) along with the name of the candy winner!
Enjoy the rest of the week, and especially the weekend,
Felicia x

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