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2013 Round Up.

How was Christmas? Did you eat too much? drink too much? yep, me too!
But today i’m trying to make the most of the “Week in between”, I was dragged kicking and screaming up the side of a mountain this morning and then made to run down. Now, this is good in one way, a head start on the “get fit” new years resolution…. but bad in another because I would love to spend a full day at home in my pj’s, pottering about and it hasn’t happened yet! 
Then I decided to open the lovely new paper collection I bought months ago, its Needle and Thread by kaisercraft (I love them more than Prima…. I know, what a thing to say!!) and alter my new diary for 2014. This  years one was Kaisercraft Magnolia Grove and it stood up really well to being used daily and being thrown in my bag, I think the secret is to not add any dimensional embellishments to the front no matter how tempting it is!
Here it is looking all new and lovely!

This photo was taken on Christmas day, all of us, my Mum and the dogs (Boo is in Molly’s arms but hiding behind me.) Toby is wearing a paper hat from dinner!

 And this one was taken on St. Stephens day (or Boxing day) while I was out and about in the Hags Glen. Tim was busy climbing Carrontuohill for the 35th consecutive St. Stephens day, ( !!!!!) but I didn’t much like the look of the sleety, snowy, cold, slippery mountain so I went for a lovely long, low level walk instead.
( I am officially a light weight!)

This  year has been eventful….. its had ups and downs as most years do, I have considerably fewer fingers then I started the year with….. but it has been pretty good, everyone is healthy and happy.
I have a huge list of goals and wishes for 2014, there will be a good bit of house renovation (I’m getting itchy feet about the hallway, Pinterest is a killer!) some kitchen cupboard reorganising and some vague idea about sorting paperwork properly (if I spent as much time doing it as reading blog posts about it I would be the Queen of organised!!)
There are the usual threats of learning to speak French, of drinking more water and keeping my car tidy. But I think I shall put “appreciating what I have ” at the top of the list and that will be a good one to achieve.

Oh yes, my word of the year is…..ABUNDANCE!!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. xxxxx

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