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A lovely surprise!

Last Thursday Molly had an interview for a college in Cork. So, off we went, we walked from the centre of town out to the college where she met some friends who are already students there. This meant that I had two hours to kill in Cork city….. oh, how awful!
If you don’t know Cork then let me tell you, it is small -ish, it has the feel of a town rather than a city, people are friendly, its easy to drive around and it has a Waterstones (thats a book shop) lots of coffee shops and not one but two craft supply shops!!!
Last time I stayed there I found a coffee shop called “Cork Coffee Roasters” its at the other end of town from where i’m usually mooching around and so on Thursday I was wondering if I had time left to go there since I still had one more craft shop to visit.
I decided probably not, so I went to the craft shop,( its called “Vibes & Scribes” ) opened the door and found myself in a bookshop…….. when the assisstant saw the confused look on my face he simply guided me to the door, pointed me towards the river and said “See that red brick building over the bridge, its all gone over there” (obviously I wasn’t the first crafter to look crushed and confused at the lack of delicious supplies!)
With great relief that it hadn’t all vanished into thin air I almost ran over the bridge, and then to my delight, guess what I saw????????
they had moved next door to the coffee shop!!! oh the absolute joy of it!!!!!

its small, warm, smells delicous, has cute staff (!) the nicest coffee i’ve ever tasted and I just LOVE it!

                                                      It has funky wallpaper on the ceiling..

shelves full of “stuff” and an old coffee roaster that takes up most of the place.

As you can imagine, I will now be taking a direct route from the carpark to here. I’m sure I can find many reasons to drive for an hour and fifteen minutes just to visit my two favourite shops!
Oh, and when I met up with Molly again she had been offered a place there and then at the interview!
Thats all I know, my brain has been caffiened out! xx

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