In Felicia the Artist

June swap partners!

Good morning everyone,
here are the partners for the matchbox swap:

Clare – Katie
Ebony – Timi
Maria Adams – Ann H
Dee – Felicia

Ok, so get your matchbox and alter it- you can talk to your partner about colours and themes.
Now what to put inside?…..
Here is a very random list for you!

6 flowers
something that makes a noise
a frame
2 decorated tags
10 pieces of bling
something found outside
6 die cuts
something with a face.

Of course you can add extra bits if you want. Have fun with it and please contact your partner soon.
You can make all of the items or use up whats in your stash – the die cuts can be any shape, any material, you can use a die cut machine or hand cut them.
So ladies, thats it for this month. Please have your matchbox in the post by 30th June at the latest.
Have fun,
Bye! xxxx

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