In Felicia the Artist

June Sign Ups.

Hi All, how are you??

Well, as i promised you this month is a little different. I’m going to put up the sign up list untill next Monday 7th June, so if you like this idea leave me a comment and i’ll organise it all on Monday.

Now, I can’t take credit for this idea, i’ve scraplifted it from Suzie. She very kindly said that we could borrow it for this month, we are going to alter and swap matchboxes!!

No, not the little tiny ones, the large ones – I think they are called “cooks matches” they are about 6″x3″x1″ (that is a very vague guesstimation!)

So you alter the box and then make the goodies to go inside. It will be a bit like a check list – make 3 pink flowers, put something square in – you get the idea!

I think it sounds like fun, and it will be a quick project too.

Ok, leave me a comment, bye for now!


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