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Hello Peeps


Hello Peeps….. I may actually be the worst blogger in the world. However, I do come back every now and then so here I am!
Just so you know, the weather here has been ridiculously wet, I am loosing the battle with drying laundry, but other than that things are good.
I was in the RDS in Dublin for three days last week helping Kate with the Create With Kate stand at the Knit n Stitch show – it was very busy, we knew loads of people who stopped by to say hello, I really enjoyed it! I drove home on Saturday night from Dublin to Killarney – about 100m from home I got a flat tyre, how lucky is that? I know it would be better not to have to buy a new tyre, but imagine if it had happened in the rain at night on the motorway!
This is my Christmas box project – it measures about 6x4x2″ and has 6 pockets inside for your photos. I used KaiserCraft St. Nicholas, it has those lovely traditional colours.


Zac and I have been enjoying the odd dry day with the dogs – the Autumn colours are so lovely.


And this year, for the first time ever, Tim and I made a Christmas cake.- yes, that is brandy in the bottle, apparently we needed it to preserve the cake. I would like it better without it I think! It is baked and wrapped up waiting to be covered in marzipan and icing.


Making Christmas cake put an idea into my head….. will I do a December daily this year? I have never made one before, but perhaps I will – I might use anything Christmasy though, like the cake picture even though it was taken in November. And if I do, what paper line will I use?
Ok, I must go now, I am attending the Kerry Business Womens Network lunch today… and then its the dreaded Parent / Teacher meeting at Zac’s school. Both of which mean I must get out of my pyjamas!

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