In Felicia the Artist

February Love……

Hello, are we all glad to see the back of January? We are one month closer to warm weather! I was walking Toby the other day and came across this tree, I think it got hit by lightening – poor thing!
So, whats new? How are your new years resolutions going?
Today I am going to pick up one more set of prints from the printers (duh! where else would I get them?) and hopefully finish the latest painting. I am also on a mission to find Amelie
she has some very sweet pendants made with her lovely art and I know someone who’d like one very well!!! ( yes, me – but actually this is for someone else)
Its windy and rainy today, and Toby is afraid of the wind. I’m trying to type this with him on my lap with his chin laying on the keyboard……. he will follow me everywhere today, he really doesn’t like it. Perhaps I can get him doggy ear plugs?>

Anyhoo, enjoy your day,
lotsa love,
F x

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