In Felicia the Artist

Busy Week….

Last night was the 2nd birthday of the Crafty Alley shop and a lovely party was had! Today we have the Craft Club, (ladies, wait untill you see the papers we’re using….FAB!)and after that i think i just have to finish Cathys recipe book.
There was a delivery of books at the shop yesterday and i thought i would treat myself to one or two (or three..) but i can’t decide which ones i want! Literally spoilt for choice, so i have all these plans for new projects and i cant’ wait to start.
One of my projects is for an altered book, and you know i think its a crime to deface a book, but i found a book on physics at the secondhand book shop. I am not scientifically minded, and i think it would be an act of kindness to turn this poor book into something beautiful!!
So thats all my news for this week, oh except that i sprained my ankle and am now hobbling around looking silly! I hope to have something new to show you soon.
p.s. We had our exhibition, and the talent of people around here is amazing!- and no one laughed at my Mermaid so that was good! x

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