In Felicia the Artist

Any day now…

Just before the fine weather arrived it was decided that my website needed a bit of tarting up……. so off I went and made a nice banner kind of a thing ( thats a technical term!) and it is this close (picture me holding my thumb and finger a fraction from each other…) from being ready to go!
But then the sun came out and it would be a shame to miss any of it. Last year, summer was a Wednesday (you think i’m joking don’t you?!), so in our part of the world it is compulsory to go out and make the most of it in case we don’t see it again for a year or so.
Anyhoo, there was rain today, proper rain which meant the plants didn’t need watering, and so there may be hope that the website will get some attention and then you can see the whole thing – not just these little snippets!

Its cute, honest! you’ll get to see it soon, unless the sun keeps shining and then you wont!
F xx

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