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The weather and something to look forward to….

There is a lovely line in Pride & Prejudice where Mrs Bennett tells one of the Miss Bennett’s that if she can not think of anything nice to say she should kindly confine her comments to the weather.

Well….. the weather is the topic of most unkind comments today. We are having the worst weather here, there was a closest thing to a hurricane that I have seen since “that storm” in England in 1985 today. There are trees down on every road, we amazingly still have power but most don’t, thankfully I haven’t heard any reports of injury but there is a lot of structural damage. My poor Mum watched her greenhouse fly away bit by bit and there was nothing she could do, and the local nursing home was evacuated because of damage to the roof.

Anyway, I am thanking my lucky stars that we are all safe and I hope you are too.

Now, did you hear that Kate is having a CHA party on the 15th & 16th March? well she is! In the Hodson Bay hotel in Athlone and I get to teach a class (woohoo!!!)

Have you seen the releases? oh wow! I have fallen in love with a Prima collection ( I know, Prima?!) it is
“Stationers Desk ” and it looks like this:

and so I am going to use that to make one of my favourite things…….Bunting!”!!!!!!
but not just any bunting, oh no, this is going to have something extra special, it going to have some of my Polly Dollies on it ( at least I hope you think that is special?)
I am working away here on the final thing, there will be Dollies, lace, that gorgeous paper, buttons, seam binding, charms, ribbon – just a big shabby chic mess of yumminess!!
I have a little sneak peek for you but bear in mind its a work in progress, I haven’t got my mits on that paper yet!!

Want to see it?

Kate will have all the details of all the classes up soon on her blog
Hope to see you there!!
F xx

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