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Merry Christmas!

Well, i’m sure everyone has been busy leading up to yesterday…. and now its all over! We had a lovely day, quiet, delicious food, very relaxing.

I love this week between Christmas and New Year – its kind of a limbo where I get all the days confused. This year though i’m teaching a class tomorrow afternoon and then a camp for the next two days. Thats probably a good thing, it means i’ll have to get dressed and venture out instead of being a total hermit! ( I LOVE staying at home)

Its also about now I get all inthused to start online classes and new habits. I don’t like new years eve at all, for some reason I find it a sad occasion (which is very odd considering i’m a glass half full kinda person) but the new year is a new start, a clean slate, and each year i’m getting a bit better at making goals and actually (nearly!) achieving them.

Today i’m going to start my list of things I’d like to achieve in 2013 and then choose my “Word”. If you could achieve anything in the coming year (like anything in your wildest dreams) what would it be? i’ll have a think about it and then show you my list, learning to speak French is on it every year….. but i’m getting better at it.
I think for my new list i’ll need a new journal so i’m going to make something to write it all in, ooh, a project! just what I need today!