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The Messy Desk Award goes to……

Some of you have seen this mess craft space before… if you search a way back on this blog you will see a quick video of when it was first built (if I was any good i’d link it for you, but i’m not…) and I must tell you that I love this space! before this I worked on the kitchen table and we all know what thats like.
So, this desk and these shelves were built on the landing which was the only unused space in the whole house. They have served me very well, but as you can see things have gotten a little out of hand!

 As bad as it looks, I do know where everything is – if you needed some alpha stickers you go to the pink box on the bottom shelf on the right, or double sided tape? thats on the middle shelf above the desk. Anyhoo, Himself decided enough was enough and the only way to create a craft room was to build on a tiny extension. Wasn’t that nice of him? ( he wants this desk for his own “stuff”, but still its nice of him!)

 Last October the foundation was layed, its tiny as I said, about 10x8ft, but it’ll be MINE!! today as I write this there are workmen in the garden putting up soffits and wotnot (i’m sure what soffits do, but we need them apparently) We did almost all the work ourselves, foundation, frame, walls, insulation, panelling, wiring – we only got tradesmen for the roof and the bit they are doing today and a plasterer for inside.

I will put up all the “step-by-step” photos soon, but its not ready yet. On Friday we will lay the floor, the walls are painted (white walls and ceiling, wooden floor) and then the great move begins!! I am scouring the Ikea catalogue trying to decide what I need – drawers or shelves? lots of baskets is the only decision so far, and an arm chair for Tim to sit in when I invite him in for a visit (He fears he will never see me again once its livable!)

My inspiration so far is this photo from Pinterest, it was put up by this lady, I think i’ll have to stalk her blog to see what other ideas she has!

If anyone has any storage tips please pass them on, i’m off back to my measuring tape and Ikea catalogue!!
Bye!!! xx
p.s. There is one kit left for Saturday in Waterford if you’d like it?