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The Joys of getting Older.

The joys of getting older.


When I write my odd ramblings on this blog I don’t really consider who might read it. I used to, and do you know what? It really held me back because I worried about what those people might think.

That sentence has a lot to answer for.

The joys of getting older.


I hadn’t really noticed that this had changed until today. I was talking to a friend who was trying hard to ignore her fortieth birthday. She was really sad that her thirties had passed and wanted to know what was so good about being in your forties.

That’s a really good question. What is so good about getting older?

There are many things, but the one that cheered her up the most was, ‘The older I get, the less I care what people think of me.’ To be honest I surprised myself with this answer, but its true!

A big part of this comes from the support and friendship of other women. When I think back to my teenage years, I shudder! There were always the cool girls who decided who was in and who was not. I was always way too ‘out there’ to be in, I hated most of secondary school. In fairness, if I hadn’t been so shy I would have stood up for myself a bit more and it wouldn’t have been as bad.  That’s another good thing about being over forty- you can look back and realise things weren’t as bad as you thought. Whats done is done,  if I knew then what I know now etc!

I am blessed with good friends both in ‘real life’ (as in, women I know) and online. I have been encouraged by their words and inspired by their stories-

And here’s why I don’t mind getting older:

I think the older we get the more confident we are in ourselves, we become emotionally stronger and more aware of who we surround ourselves with.

The joys of getting older


So, thank you to all my women friends, those of you I know and those of you who I know through the power of the internet. There is a little voice in my head saying, ” are you really going to post this, what will people think of you?” but, yes, I’m going to. I trust that my tribe won’t judge me and might even agree.

Here’s to being over forty and loving every minute of it!

Felicia xx