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A little bit of randomness………

So, I noticed on one of my visits to Youtube that Mr. Tim Holtz had brought out a die called “Artful Dwellings”- I am always so far behind the lastest trends so this may not be news to the rest of you, but it was to me!

Anyhoo, I thought, I like that, but its straight lines for goodness sake and since I am the proud owner of a steel ruler and a craft knife, I set off on a crafting spree….

Let me just say, this is NOT an anti Tim Holtz post, but apart from his round roof it looked pretty easy.

Here are the results, this project was such FUN!!! I used My Minds Eye Lost and Found papers. It was one of those collections that I was saving for “best” (why? why do I buy paper that I don’t want to cut???) and then I opened up all the boxes of embellishments that are on my shelves and just used a bit of everything!

I used things I haven’t used for ages like Stickles and Crackle Accents, I used stamps, buttons, beaded pins,lace and the paper roses that I am currently obsessed with making (another example of me being SO behind the current trends!)

The basic shape was cut from chipboard (they are 5″ in height) and I used “Frayed Burlap” to distress the edges.

I don’t know if any of you have tried cutting chipboard with a craft knife, but I would just like to say that if you get the die you will be saving yourself AN AWFUL LOT OF WORK!!!!!

Mr Holtz knew what he was doing!!!!!

But mine are cuter because they have chimneys!

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