In Felicia the Artist


I’ve been really busy trying to finish projects…. I’ll post a video of Robyns mini that i finished last night. Louise’s mini is half done, but i’m waiting for something special to arrive before that will be ready (hope its worth the wait!).
Yesterday i got an email from Roseanne in North Carolina, i’m swapping with her for the GGS swap. Because it is already the 19th of November i had started a mini for her already, its vintage using Lifes Journey papers. Very fortunately she said she likes old things!
So, i think i’m almost up to date, my knitting is still not finished, and we had a huge new delivery into the shop this week…. its all lovely and i want to knit things in it, but i’m being very restrained, no more new knitting! (untill these cardigans are finished!)
Have a good day, and if you’re in Ireland don’t go out without your wellies!!

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