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February Swap Buddies!!

Exciting news girlies….. the Scrapzville swap is now intercontinental!!
Kristin who is in New York asked if she could join in, so welcome to Kristin and also to Donna who is in the UK.
Because its easier to keep straight pairs and since we have an odd number this month I didn’t put my name in the hat. So here are the swaps!
Dee – Cathy
Robyn – Alyson
Kendalle – Suzie
Clare – Gemma
Louise R.- Donna
Anne – Kristin
I will send out the email details of your partner to all of you, and the theme for February is…
Include a line from a song with the word “Love” in it. Simple!
Even if i’m not swapping this month i will be busy, Louise over at Zettibetti is starting a tag swap, so i’ve signed up for that.If your month isn;t busy enough already you should check it out!
Have fun! xx

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